pipe slides

DME Incorporated Pipe Slides are designed to ensure positive pipe alignment. This is accomplished by restricting lateral pipe movement while allowing for movement along the axis of the pipe. When expansion devices such as pipe loops, bellows joints and slip joints are used, pipe slides ensure proper operation of the expansion device and protect the integrity of the pipe.
A pipe slide assembly consists of an anchored base and a sliding section that is attached to the pipe. The slide moves over the base as the pipe expands and contracts.
• Pipe slide assemblies are designed for pipe support as well as lateral and axial movement.
• Assemblies are fabricated using low-friction bearing surfaces to minimize stress on pipe and support structures.
• Self-lubricating, chemically-inert and maintenance-free.


Download the DME pipe Slide Catalog or contact the DME Sales Team at sales@dmeexpansionjoints.com