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We understand that if you’re making the power, you might as well put that heat to good use too! We
applaud you for being green and reducing our overall carbon footprint! DME would like to help, too.
We have extensive knowledge with CoGen operations. Our extensive catalog of relevant engine data can
help you when you don’t have these things handy. We keep all major engine connection fittings in stock
to help reduce lead times when it really counts. We specialize in air intake piping, exhaust expansion
joints and piping, pre-fab tube sections as well as insulation blankets to keep your exhaust at the
optimal temperature. Our steam and hot water expansion joints are designed by our expert engineering
staff and 100% tested to ensure your facility keeps running smooth. All of our parts are designed,
engineered, fabricated and shipped from our factory in the USA. Breathe easy, we’ve got you covered!

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