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Black gold… we totally get it. Down time can cost millions and you’re not just going to put any run-of-
the-mill parts in your pipelines; you need to trust that your parts are going to perform and last. At DME,
we are your trusted partner to make all of your operations as seamless as possible. Tie rod joints,
pressure balanced and universal joints, transfer hoses, tank settlement, refining… You name it, our
expert staff are well versed in ASME codes and are waiting to help you out. We offer liquid penetrant
testing, hydrostatic pressure testing, radiographic testing and provide all documentation along with your
parts. We keep a large inventory of forged flanges, pipe, fittings, heavy gauge sheet and coil which
allows us to handle all of your heavy-duty or critical application needs – on time. All of our parts are
designed, engineered, fabricated and shipped from our factory in the USA. Give us a call and see the
DME difference!

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