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Having access to power is an integral part of everyday life. DME has an extensive catalog of engine data,
across all major manufacturers, to pull from. Whether you need an exhaust expansion joint, air intake
system or braided hoses to handle oil, gas and coolant – we have you covered. Our single and multi-ply
bellows have logged millions of hours in the field and are tried and true. We keep a huge inventory of
exhaust bellows capsules, exhaust tube, exhaust flanges and fittings as well as exhaust flex capsules and
hose and braid. In addition to flex lines and expansion joints, we can manufacture wye assemblies,
thimbles for wall/roof penetrations, outlets, pre-fab tube sections and rain caps / deflectors. All of our
parts are designed, engineered, fabricated and shipped from our factory in the USA. Give us a call
today; we would be happy to help you with your system.

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