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How does an externally pressurized expansion joint work?

Most people understand the concept of a common DME bellows expansion joint, consisting of a bellows attached to a variety of possible end fittings. It is simple, and most of the components are visible to anyone.  If someone takes a look at a DME externally pressurized expansion joint or expansion compensator, a scratch of the [...]

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Bellows: Single-Ply or Multiply?

The engineered metal bellows we know of today has been around for quite some time. Each bellows carries with it several different characteristics and options. One of the critical differentiating characteristics is whether or not it is a single-ply or a multiply. The basic principle is simple; a single-ply has one tube and a multiply has [...]

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DME Welding

There has always been something artistic about welding. The process of placing two pieces of metal together, heating and molding them to create one combined part, no weaker than before, will always be somewhat of an art form. The DME welding artistry performed on a daily basis is mind-blowing to say the least. The experienced welders and sophisticated [...]

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